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Simplify the management of your sales and have complete control of your digital business in the palm of your hand.

The Octuspay App for Creators is your complete tool to track your sales, access detailed reports, check your available balance, and withdraw funds with ease and security.

Now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play!

Integrations with your
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You only pay when a transaction is approved

Per approved

Starting from 8.99% + US$ 1.29
Receive credit card sales in 15 days
We do not charge a withdrawal fee 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Octuspay?

Octuspay is an online platform that allows you to easily create, sell, and promote your digital products with ease, security, and quality. It also enables you to become an affiliate and earn money by promoting the products of other producers.

2. Whats are the main advantages of Octuspay?

Octuspay has several advantages compared to other platforms on the market.

Some of them include:

Multi-currency sales: You can sell your products worldwide in dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, or any other currency you desire and receive payments in both reais and/or dollars in your bank account.

Members' Area: You can offer your students an exclusive members' area with unlimited access to your content, similar to your own Netflix.

Attractive commissions: You can earn up to 90% commission for each sale made as an affiliate, depending on the product and producer.

Quality support: You can rely on a specialized support team ready to assist you in any situation.

Sales Funnel: Maximize your profits by offering upsells, downsells, and order bumps.

3. How do I register with Octuspay?
4. Is Octuspay free?

Yes, Octuspay is free to register and use. You only pay a small fee for each sale made as a creator or affiliate. This fee varies according to the product and the sale amount.

5. Is Octuspay secure?

Yes, Octuspay is secure and reliable. We use the most advanced encryption systems and data protection to ensure the security of your information and transactions. Additionally, it adheres to all norms and regulations of the digital market.

6. Can I sell subscriptions (recurrency) on Octuspay?

Yes, Octuspay offers various features to facilitate subscription management.

7. Does Octuspay accept physical products?

Currently, Octuspay only accepts digital products, and content must be delivered via email, through a members' area, or another communication tool.

8. Is there a one-click upsell?

Yes, the one-click upsell is a sales tactic that offers an additional product to the customer after a purchase, allowing easy acquisition without the need for a full checkout process and increasing the transaction value.